Wednesday, October 19, 2016

myPASSPORT is now on INTERNET get connected anywhere anytime

is now on INTERNET 

Get connected anywhere anytime

What is the new myPASSPORT URL? 
  • The new myPASSPORT URL is ( CLICK HERE )

What happen when I click the myPASSPORT link in PETRONAS intranet (
  • Once clicked the link in PETRONAS Intranet, you will be redirected to the new myPASSPORT URL ( ( CLICK HERE )

Are there any differences in the myPASSPORT contents with the new URL? 
  • No. Only the URL was changed. The contents remain the same 

Am I be able to access myPASSPORT using public WIFI/Hotspot? 
  • Yes. You will be able to access myPASSPORT using public WIFI, hotspot and mobile tethering. 

What browsers are supported by the myPASSPORT? 
  • myPASSPORT works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11. However some other browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox still can be used but with some limitations

Can I use my mobile devices to access myPASSPORT? 
  • Yes. You can use your mobile device to access myPASSPORT. But due to the compatibility issue, some pages won’t display properly. 

Are there any browser settings required to view myPASSPORT via mobile devices? 
  • It depends on the mobile devices that you use. Some browsers requires you to clear the cache, disable pop-up blocker, cookies and install certificate. 

I’m unable to access the new myPASSPORT address using the desktop. What should I do?
  • Check the network connection, verify the address and ensure your firewall was not block the address. For further assistance, you may contact ICT Service desk. 

I’m able to access myPASSPORT but receive SSL Certificate error
  • You may contact ICT Service desk to help you install new SSL certificate.

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