Friday, March 20, 2015

TouJours Advanced collagen shots Hairul Azreen

 TouJours Advanced Collagen Shots  
Tastes Like Candy, Works Like Science

Dialami sendiri selebriti lasak Hairul Azreen

Cara paling mudah utk lelaki yg pemalas mcm saya utk kelihatan muka berseri & ini rahsia saya @toujoursadvanced collagen shots, hanya perlu koyak & minum senang gila bai  esok nak pergi mancing pun tak takut gelap sebab #ToujoursAdvanced ni cerah dalam masa 3hari je

hairulazreen Ish malu la nak post gambar ni ! langsung tak ada rupa stuntman haha, esok g mancing laut bagi gelap sikit baru tak jambu cc @toujoursadvanced #ToujoursAdvanced #ToujoursTesti

Advanced Science

Collagen (Grade AAA)
         Potent anti-aging and antioxidant properties for firmer, vibrant skin from within.

        A sugar replacement with 80% less calories than sugar that is suitable for diabetics.

Vitamin C & fruit extracts
        An important ingredient to maintain healthy skin with resilience to harsh environments.

Reverse osmosis water
        Pure, uncontaminated water with smaller molecules that penetrate deeply to powerfully deliver the benefits of ingredients.

Sunnah Food

       A royally hydrating ingredient that is potent yet gentle, to heal and rejuvenate skin.

       Rich in Vitamin A to improves skin texture and antioxidants that promotes youthful skin.

        Packed with high levels of Vitamin A, C & E for ample hydration and smoothing out of wrinkles.

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