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Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre ( KTC ) INTERVIEW INTAKE JUNE 2015

INTERVIEW INTAKE 2015 Pusat Latihan Petroleum Kimanis (KTC) 7/4/2015 7 APRIL 2015


The Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre (KTC) is offering a two-year full time training programme in industrial Instrumentation and Control (EE-230-3-2013). This is in line with PETRONAS commitment to contribute to the development of human capital in the oil and gas industry in Sabah specifically and in the region as a whole KTC is accredited under the Ministry of Human Resources (Code Centre L01058)


  • Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with credits in Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics, Science and a pass in English
  • Malaysia citizen
  • Not more than 25 years of age on 1 January 2015
  • Single
  • Must be in good health and not colour blind
  • Applications are open to both male and female applicants


To apply for our June 2015 intake, please submit your

  • Resume
  • Certified true copy of Identity Card and SPM Certificate/ Result Slip



Please use an A4 sized envelope with "KTC Application" written on the top left hand corner

Or email to 

Please indicate "KTC Application" as the email subject and attach the above mentioned documnets in PDF format only.

Closing date: 25 March 2015

Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre ( KTC ) 


"Ring Ring". (or whatever ringtone you used)

You got a call from KTC telling you that you are invited for the interview. 
(Normally, KTC will only call the candidate and will not send email.)

So, Congratulation !


Outfits : FORMAL
Things to bring : Ball Pen, SPM Result certificate (Original), I/C and copy of your resume.

Basically, there will be a ;
1) Test
2) The Interview

First of all, if you are planning on going there alone, make sure you try to befriend with the other candidates so that you don't feel very awkward. Seriously.

At the said time, you and the other candidates will be ask to gather at a place, there, you will need to fill a form. After you finish filling in the form and had given it to the staff, you will need to sign your attendance. While signing your attendance, the staff will ask for your SPM result certificate and your I/C. Soon after, they'll give you a number. Your interview number to be exact.

Tips: Remember the form? if you are nervous, you should ONLY hand the form over after all of the other candidates hand over theirs. Why? because, If you are the first to hand it over, you will be the first to be interviewed. Hehehe

After that, you will enter another place for a brief introduction about KTC and the programme. During this brief talk, there will be a Q&A sessions. 

Next, comes 


The test is a mathematics based test. 25 Question for 25 minutes.

the question? basic maths. 

After the test, you will be divided into groups.
each group will go to different interview room,


My tips. it's just like the same old tips you'll get from many people and from many blogs in the web.
  • Knock the door.
  • Greet your interviewers. (Assalamualaikum or good morning or good afternoon or good evening).
  • Ask for permission to sit.

(At this time, you should put your Resume, SPM certificate and other certificate that you think suitable to be included on the table, or simply give it to the interviewer.)

Ok, the interviewer will start by using Bahasa Melayu.

"Siapa nama awak?"

"Boleh cakap English?"

When the interviewer asks you this question, if you can speak in English, simply say yes. If not, tell them you can't speak in English properly but tell them that you will give it a try.

Here comes the most basic question.

"Tell me about yourself."

The way to answer this question is by introducing your name.
The points to include.
  • Your basic information (date of birth, place of birth)
  • Family background (Father, mother, siblings, what they work as)
  • Education background (Primary, secondary)
  • Awards or contribution
  • Work experienced.

After that, the interviewer will ask you question after question. 
Just answer them confidently and make sure they hear you properly.

Finally, they'll ask you why you want to enroll in KTC or why they should choose you.
Make sure you are able to convince them that you are suitable and you are really into the course.

During this time, you can ask them whatever you want. Time ni guna BM pun boleh, kalau nak speaking pun digalakan.. Ikut keselesaan Anda.

Tak susah pun kan?

KTC ni ada pro dan kontra juga, macam ying dan yang.

Kebaikan KTC ni, semua perbelanjaan termasuk pakaian seragam ( UNIFORM ), termasuk kasut safety, peralatan pelindung (PPE), makan dan minum, tempat penginapan semua tu la, ditanggung oleh Petronas.
Lepas tu, setiap bulan dapat elaun RM 400
Kekurangan KTC ni sebab lepas habis 2 tahun, kerja tidak confirm. 
Kalau kita tarik diri time study 2 tahun tu, kita kena bayar balik tajaan, so better don't quit la, jangan buat kerja separuh jalan. Kepada calon yang telah berjaya mendapat panggilan Interview, Taniah kami ucapkan. Semoga berjaya.

Kontranya..?? Siapa tahu, boleh komen bawah ni..

2)    8 APRIL 2015
3     NEXT


Defeccy Daimin said...

Interview 7 april 2015 kah ?
kenapa hari tu kena call cakap 8 April ?

Isra Ismail said...

Ada yang dipanggil untuk INTERVIEW 7 APRIL & ada yang dapat panggilan untuk di INTERVIEW pada 8 APRIL , 9 APRIL dan lain2 hari . Sila rujuk pihak KTC..dan ikut maklumat dan arahan yang telah dinyatakan oleh pihak KTC dalam panggilan Telefon.

Yang dapat panggilan pada 8 April , 9 April dan lain2 hari , GOOD LUCK do de best untuk esok dan hari2 seterusnya..

Anonymous said...

Bila keputusan temuduga dikeluarkan ?

Anonymous said...

Bila result temuduga kluar? Respond please

Anonymous said...

Interview tu dijalankan pada bulan april sahaja kah? Boleh tolong reply senarai jadual interview utk ktc ni?

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