Friday, October 7, 2016

93 BY AE | 93 BY Ammar Effendy Perfume Anak Che Ta

 93 BY AE | 93 BYAmmar Effendy Perfume Anak Che Ta

Sebelah kanan tu bukan anak che ta / rozita che wan.. yang tu penulis blog FACEBLOGISRA ... Hahahaha, @israismail92

Haruman Jejaka Maskulin masa kini, A Fragrance For men "Smell Like Royal" ...93 was made a fragrance that smells like Royal.

Divulge the new men fragrance, 93 BY AE! ! @ammareffendy
The enlivening fragrance with an obsessive and captivating rhythm definitely filling the air as you walk pass by someone!

93ByAE is an oriental fragrance for him that contains a range of notes releasing a sparkling freshness and aura of sensuality

"Scent is the most powerful memory trigger."

93 was made a fragrance that smells like Royal. Get yours now :

"You are never fully dressed without a good scent." 

93ByAE perfume is luxe edition that captures with provocative notes, only for the privileged buyers. The top notes are sexy blood orange middle notes of rose with the base notes made of patchouli and amber is simply irresistible. The scent of charming seducer.

 Is a man satisfied, merely because he is perfumed himself, to mingle with a malodorous crowd?

Nak dapatkan haruman yang dapat membuat anda berbau seperti Lelaki Maskulin, 
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JOM BELI 92 BY AE dengan @israismail92
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stok terhad, sapa cepat dia dapat


harga 93 BY AE | 93 BY Ammar Effendy Perfume Anak Che Ta

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