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PRODIGY - Program for the Development of Ingenious Young Talents

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PRODIGY - Program for the Development of Ingenious Young Talents

If you are interested to be part of Oil & Gas industry, this will be one of the platforms for you to get into it. PRODIGY, a collaboration effort by big names in Oil & Gas designed to attract graduates to join the upstream Oil & Gas industry in Malaysia. A two (2) year program will focus on 4 different scopes i.e Petroleum Engineering, Process & Operations, Drilling and Project Management.

This program offers comprehensive training ground and guaranteed employment with Contractors operating in Malaysia.

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PRODIGY is a strategic collaboration between PETRONAS and Petroleum Arrangement (PA) Contractors and is an industry-driven effort contributing to the expansion of manpower resources pool. This collaboration is the first of its kind.

It is not easy to be part of the upstream Oil and Gas industry, at least in the eyes of the general public. Perceptions that the Oil and Gas industry only takes in experienced people, those who meet the high entry requirements, and sponsored students in universities can be dispelled by enrolling in this program. Yes!!! Everybody deserves a chance to be part of this interesting and challenging program and we invite the young graduates to seize upon the opportunity offered.

Once selected for this program, candidates will have a competitive advantage over the regular graduates. Guaranteed employment upon graduation from this program will definitely make the 2-year period of on-the-job training, soft skills training and assessment process worthwhile and invaluable.

So, why PRODIGY? Because we want you to be part of this interesting industry - an industry that offers room for you to grow, not just as potential leaders or technical professionals but also to face the exciting and challenging future ahead. And to know that while doing all these, you are actually contributing much to the nation.

So, why wait? Why not get in your CV to us? You may just be the person that we are looking for, and without PRODIGY, you may not even realize it.



Program for the Development of Ingenious Young Talent (PRODIGY) is an industry-driven effort and a strategic collaboration between PETRONAS and Petroleum Arrangement (PA) Contractors.

PRODIGY ultimately aims at churning as many competent and work-ready engineers in Exploration and Exploration (E&P) with specific focus on critical skills i.e. Drilling, Petroleum Engineering, Process and Operations and Project Management, with the supply coming from fresh graduates and re-skilling of engineers from other industries. This industry collaboration has enabled the syllabus to be designed based on industry best knowledge, compressing the program for capable young graduates with emphasis on on-the-job training. The products from this program are expected to require less supervision once deployed to their sponsors.

prodigy program oil and gas
PRODIGY is intended to:-

  • Increase awareness for graduates to consider O&G as career of choice.
  • Attract the good ones to join the O&G industry.
  • Tap the vast pool of unemployed graduates and develop them into industry ready talent while addressing the slow expansion in local talent.

Through PRODIGY, it is expected that:

  • There will be more choices for fresh graduates to consider
  • The employment rate among Malaysian graduates will intensify
  • Enhance graduates’ capability and competency for improved marketability
  • Develop, attract and retain talents via collaboration with Operators and Service Contractors
  • The market will have more than sufficient work-ready talents
  • PRODIGY apprentices can be considered industry-ready hires

Update :

PRODIGY - Program for the Development of Ingenious Young Talents
Caralyst For Talent Maker

Career Oppurtunities In Oil & Gas


prodigy career oppurtunities in oil & gas catalyst for talent maker program for the development of ingenious young talent second batch january 2014 

Cut-off date for second batch (January 2015) intake is 26 Octobe 2014, 06.00 pm.

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