Tuesday, April 8, 2014

La berry - Natural Skin Therapy

Assalamualaikum pembaca tegar mahupun tidak tegar.. Ehem ehem!! Layan je lah..La Berry...

La berry

Natural skin care products for young Asian people.


Laberry…high efficacy yet authentically organic beauty solutions masterminded by an Asian team passionate about healthy lifestyles and whose organic products are backed by powerful science. we quickly discovered the majority of leading personal care products on the market contained many chemical ingredients that had been banned from our food. Knowing that ones’ skin absorbs over 60 percent of what is placed on it, we wanted to create meaningful change through beauty products that not only worked as well, but better than conventional products.

We have cooperated with a team of german and british scientists and industry leaders to pioneer scientific technology and organic innovation, which has led to breakthroughs mixed with Asian Tropical botanics and Western plants which is various formulated with a proprietary blend of fruits, flowers and leaves base. We also reinnovations Thai and Chinese local wisdoms to therapist skin, of course, the proprietary, antioxidant-packed, organic intredients base found in every Laberry Beauty product.

Natural Skin therapy

Organic Farming

We determind to produce an organic skincare for people because we know that natural plants have many benefits for our health as well as skin. we have to be sure that our products must not have any strong chemecal. And All ingredients have to be organic plants which have been grown in local organic farming in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand but some are imported from Australia and New Zealand.

GMP Manufacturing

Our plants are in Pratumthani, Thailand. There are hightechnology of packaging from Japan. The cosmetic research development and manufacturing personal care, health care development and manufacturing with social responsibility and awarded with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified.
All new products would be created and developed in company’s laboratory for making the new products better by control safety and potential check system. We are not using any animal for testing. When the products are standardized and accepted by customer, the process of production will be set. Also the product testing and packaging will be processed respectively.

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