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SimplySiti Hidra Vita

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Rangkaian Penjagaan Kulit Hidra Vita

Nantikan kemunculan rangkaian penjagaan kulit Hidra Vita April ini! 
rangkaian penjagaan kulit Hidra Vita
Harga Simplysiti Hydra Vita cuma RM33.90 sahaja

hidravita melayu
Memperkenalkan  Rawatan Pakar Penjagaan Kulit baru, Rawatan Krim Hidra Vita . Juga dihasilkan di Korea seperti mana-mana rangkaian penjagaan kulit SimplySiti yang lain, setiap tiub krim rawatan ini tiada pewangi tambahan mengandungi vitamin A, B, C, E dan M, setiap satu disesuaikan dengan keperluan kulit. Jika memakan pil vitamin menjadi beban untuk anda , maka pilihan terbaik ialah menggunakan  pek krim dengan vitamin yang pekat untuk kulit. Sesuai sebagai rawatan untuk masalah kulit yang boleh digunakan bersama dengan rejim penjagaan kulit biasa anda.

Cara Pemakaian Simplysiti HIDRAVITA ( Cara Pakai simplysiti Vitamin )
  • Disyorkan untuk menyapu Hidravita pada wajah sebelum menggunakan pelembap
  • Hidravita boleh digunakan pada waktu siang dan malam sebelum menggunakan pelembap pada wajah.


Introducing new Treatment Specialist Skincare category, Hidra Vita Treatment Cream. Also produced in Korea just like any other SimplySiti skincare range, each tube of this Fragrance Free treatment cream consists of Vitamins A, B, C and E, each tailored to target specific needs of the skin. If consuming heap loads of vitamin pills isn’t for you, then this nifty little tube of cream packs with concentrated vitamin nutrition for the skin is the ideal targeted treatment for skin problems to be used on top of your normal skincare regime.

Which Hidra Vita suits you?  "Its been an agony just waiting to announce this exciting new range of skincare from SimplySiti to you all. Finally its here and oh soo goood.SimplySiti Hidra Vita Treatment Creams, each to target specific needs of the skin. Instead of popping pills, u can just apply ur vitamins directly onto ur skin! The best part is... You can use it with ANY skincare which u are using now. Use it right before ur moisturizer, day and/or night and youre good to go! Retailing for RM 33.90 at selected Watsons, Guardian, Sogo, Tesco, Aeon and Aeon Wellness nationwide. Out in stores this week!


This moisturising Vitamin A treatment cream helps to reduce pore size and locks in moisture to prevent excess dryness. Reduces wrinkles and increases collagen production to maintain elasticity. Now you can have concentrated Vitamin A nutrition directly onto skin! 


This treatment cream infused with Vitamin B soothes sensitized or irritated skin ideal for compromised skin concerns such as dry, itchy or acne prone skin. This potent cream nourishes, moisturizes and helps in skin regeneration. Now you can have concentrated Vitamin B nutrition directly onto skin!


Packed with anti-oxidants, this Vitamin C treatment cream boosts skin defense against dullness for brighter skin, increases collagen production and reduces wrinkles for naturally radiant, healthier, younger-looking skin. Now you can concentrated Vitamin C nutrition directly onto skin!


This Vitamin E treatment cream is a rich, versatile cream that soothes and heals a wide variety of skin problems. It aids in skin recovery, helps to repair tissues, protects skin from environment, retains moisture and improves scars. Now you can have concentrated Vitamin E nutrition directly onto skin!


This Multivitamin treatment cream contains all the nutrients and properties of Vitamin A,B, C and E that provides necessary nutrition ideal for healthy skin.It provides skin with whitening and anti aging benefits, Increases collagen production and locks in moisture for optimum hydration.

Let's Try!!
New Product From Simplysiti
"HidraVita Treatment M Vitamin" 

HIDRAVITA Treatment Cream

Your skin is constantly being attacked by environmental aggresors, such as the sun, smoke, aging factors and various other harmful pollutants. Therefore, it is important to use the right targeted treatment to address your skin’s specific concerns.

SimplySiti brings you Hidra Vita Treatment Cream from our new Specialist Treatment range. Concentrated vitamin nutrition of Vitamins A, B, C,  E or M for your skin’s special needs. Smooth, glowing and hydrated skin for the radiant you. Your beauty is our priority.


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