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Jordan Yeoh Durian Sado | Abang Sado Jual Durian | KING OF FRUITS

Many girls has gone crazy because of this hunky durian vendor, he is now discussed by many Netizen around the world.

Market vendor seems like a trend, so I go help auntie uncle sell Durian.
jordan yeoh sell durian where

" I don't born with this current 6 packs physique... I've been skinny and fat, zero confidence to almost every area of my life. 

My life changed dramatically when I started working out for like 5 days a week. A few years later not only I saw improvement on my health and outlook, but it helped me to persist many other negative things in life! 

What I've learned from gym room... No pain no gain! The harder you struggle the more glorious the triumph! Yup, Life is Up and Down, but every downfall doesn't mean is bad. 
Just like working out, those pain can be really painful and annoying, but pain is the sign of weakness leaving the body, they are your strength for tomorrow! the best part? Your gains actually last much longer than your pain.

Fitness is a gift of my life. I am blessed that I am able to share my gift to everyone here in this amazing platform.  "

Height: 178 CM
Weight: 82 KG
Date o f Birth: 2 August
Residence: Malaysia, Selangor
Chest: 42.5 Inches
Waist: 32 Inches
Hi p: 38 Inches 

Viral after durian seller
Makan durian jadi sado...!!!!


Welcome to my page. I will share some simple yet effective fitness tips to help you transform your body today. :) [ CLICK HERE ]


Jordan Yeoh's passion in fitness naturally grew to become his personal career of choice and took a great pride in transforming his body from zero to hero.

seorang lelaki berbangsa cina menolong makcik dan pakcik jual durian jadi viral kerana memiliki susuk tubuh badan yang sasa sado tegap katang jordan yeoh menjual duria di area kawasan kuala lumpur, sabah sarawak terengganu pahang perlis johor melaka selangor kelantan perak malaysia jordan yeoh gay 
jordan yeon nude picture gay key words untuk naikan raking blog sado tak pakai baju tayang badan sexy mach handsome male boy white 

Today Jordan also known as one of the top most inspiring male fitness model in Malaysia. However after being crowned as the grand winner of The Hottest Hunk Malaysia in 2011, Jordan Yeoh have successfully built a steady stream of client who wants to train and inspired to be like him. Jordan had delivered his passions to many, transformed from the unfit to fit, weak to strong & healthy, out-of-shape to good physique, and developed this positive lifestyle to others.

Jordan believes anyone can achieve their fitness goal if they are determined and discipline to their commitment. Jordan’s primary interests involve clients seeking professional help in bodybuilding, fat loss, weight management, and lifestyle change to achieve better physique & health. It does not matter if you are overweight or under-weight, weak or strong, facing barriers keeping you away from what you want to achieve, Jordan will outwork to help!

Jordan Yeoh once on the cover of Men’s Health Malaysia magazine, today Jordan Yeoh appeared more than 30 over pages on print media, 3 TV broadcasts and 2 radio live interviews. Jordan Yeoh has 94000 followers on Facebook, 31000+ followers on Instagram, and 3000+subscribers on Jordan Yeoh's YouTube channel. 

Grand Achievements 
2004: World Cyber Games Malaysia – O2Jam Champion
2006: KL International Dance  Festival – Melbourne Shuffle 2nd Runner Up
2011: The  Hottest Hunks in Malaysia 2011/2012 – The Best Hunk Award & Best Talent Award

2012-­2015 Exposures
NEWICON For Him Magazine  2012 – People (Best Hunk Award)
NEWICON For Him Magazine  2012 – My Sex Appeal
NEWICON For Him Magazine  2012 – My Fitness Lifestyle
NEWICON PLUS 2012 – Fashion Spread
NEWICON PLUS 2012 – Lois Jeans Fashion Page
NEWICON PLUS 2012 – Cover (group)
MEN'S HEALTH Malaysia FEB 2012 Issue  – Cover Model
MEN'S HEALTH Malaysia FEB 2012 – Fashion Model
MEN'S HEALTH Malaysia APR 2012 – Fitness Model
MEN’s HEALTH Malaysia DEC 2012 – Toyota Prius Modelling and Advertorial Interview
CELCOM P1 WIMAX – Commercial Print Ad Model AMWAY
Amway Malaysia – Nutrilite  Shape  Up 2012 – Shape Up DVD Presenter Group Exercise Instructor
Amway Malaysia – Nutrilite  Shape  Up Fitne ss Tour 2012 – Group Exercise Instructor
MELODY FM 103 Morning Boss 2012 (Brand of Malaysia) – The Hottest
Hunks in Malaysia (live interview)
Care e r Talk Workshop by FIT MALAYSIA – Ge t Paid For What You
Lov e  Doing – Jordan Yeoh as Guest Speaker
ASTRO WA LAI TOI 2013 – CNY 2013 The Feng Shui Voyage Day 3 (guest appearance)
He alth & Fitne ss Sports Expo 2013 – Supplement Advisor
Se cre ts to 6 packs by FiT Malaysia & Me n’s He alth – The 6 proven
methods to 6 packs by Jordan Yeoh
The  Muscle  Factory Supple me nt Ambassado r
Maskulin Magazine  2013 – Everlast Apparel Model
Ev e rlast Wallpape r Mode l (Sunway Pyramid Outle t)  – Everlast Apparel Model
988 FM 大事件 – 大只佬 2013 – On Fitness & Bodybuilding (live Interview)
Spotlite  Magazine  Nov e mbe r 2013 – Everlast Fitness Ambassador
Spotlite  Magazine  De ce mbe r 2013 – Everlast Apparel Model
S amsung Mal aysia May 2014 – Key Opinion Leader: Samsung Galaxy S5 & Samsung Gear Fit
Men’s Health Malaysia 2014 – Cover and Fitness Model for Men’s Health Workout Book
Men’s Physique Online Magazi ne 2014 – Physique Model
Safeguard G4S  2014-2015 – Berat Badan Fat-Loss Challenge Guest Speaker and Official Judge
AI AF AM National  Convention 2015 – Fitness and lifestyle motivation speaker

The Muscle Factory Supplement


Jay Chou Malaysia Version no need go Taiwan here also got  This should go viral like the Taiwanese bean curd seller next is selling durian lo. Malaysia can find ady not Taiwan ady This has gone VIRAL yuan lai malaysia pun ada eh


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